Dear Readers, we’ve moved

Hey everyone,

As I pick up the pen for this post, it’s a tough decision ahead for me. I set out wanting to become an anime reviewer, separate from what I started my career out doing. During the time I opened this site, that was a possibility.

Of course, I had more dreams right after that. I set out to start a second site while maintaining my full-time job obligations.

Since that time, I halted work here at nekodarius. That hurt me more than anything else. I struggled to pull together time or energy to work on the site the way I wanted to. There was a month where nothing was published.

I even took time out this month to publish my new endeavor of game industry reporting. But I sat down with my partner and questioned the feasibility of maintaining NekoDarius separately.

The conclusion was that it wouldn’t work. I fought it for a few days because I didn’t want to shutter a site that I had grown to love being with.

But that day has come. Earlier today, the process of moving the site into my other property, that was doing better, occurred. The movement made things final.

NekoDarius is merged into my personal website that was dedicated to sports only. Now, it’s dedicated to multiple items and things that include anime and game industry news.

From here on, NekoDarius is shut down. Instead of calling it quits, I ask that all of our readers come over to and continue to read information from all aspects as my team and I continue to provide you with what you’re interested in.

Thank you for your support,



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